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  • Arc Welding Solutions

    √Integration process and quality monitoring to ensure process reliability
    √Laser scanning sensor (weld location,seam tracking,gap detection) to ensure best quality
    √Integration multi-axis linkage to ensure optimal combination machining
    √High-precision robots and peripheral modules meet complex process requirements

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  • Laser Application Solutions

    √Benefitting from the strong combination of YAWEI and KUKA/REIS, laser technology has been recognized by the industy and established a leading position in technology
    √Good-looking and high quality welding seam and laser cutting
    √High efficiency, high quality and convenience
    √Free programming and highly flexible

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  • Casting automation

    √ RH-series horizontal multi - joint robot can achieve automation casting work and pick-up work of more than one casting machine, benefits from the unique vertical lift axis, and can work with high speed and flexibility in a compact space.
    √ RL-series linear robot, not only can achieve casting work and pick-up work of more than one casting unit, it can also connect the post treatment of casting with casting, reducing the logistics time of the workshop to make production and manufacturing more efficient.

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  • Metal machining automation

    √ Metal machining, transformation of German Reis linear robot technology, to develop localization linear robot of independent intellectual property rights with positive innovation.
    √ Sheet-metal shaping industry, using German Reis modular design concept for reference and work with German Reis to develop gantry bending robot of independent intellectual property rights. Special robot for special use, serve the automation marke with leading bending efficiency and high price performance ratio.

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