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Strive to Upgrade Manufacturing Industry

Publisher:管理员 Release time:2017.06.14 Source:亚威

On the afternoon of June 17, 2016, the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department organized an site inspection meeting on the special fund project for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in 2016 declared by Yawei. Director Li Xuhong of Provincial Science and Technology Department led the expert group which comes from the colleges and universities in Jiangsu province, industry experts and Tianye notary financial office, and Professor Zhang Sidi of Nanjing Institute of Technology act as the expert group leader, leaders of city and district science and technology bureau, Xiannv town also attended the meeting.
During the acceptance meeting, the general manager of Yawei, Mr. Leng Zhibin firstly gave a welcoming address and made a detailed introduction about the company profile, overview of flexible production line project. and then, technical experts and leaders inspected the research and development of the products, production status, and examined relevant technical documents. Financial experts examined the financial data, and addressed inquiries to the project staff about technical and financial aspects. Finally, the expert group concluded review comments on main content of the project contract after discussion.
The result transformation project is the Yawei's third project, Yawei will step on a higher level by constantly increasing the forefront technology of industry, speeding up the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements.
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