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Yawei was awarded the 2017 Annual National May 1 Labor Certificate by the All-China Federation of Trade Union

Publisher:管理员 Release time:2017.06.14 Source:亚威
Recently, it comes another good news that Yawei was awarded the 2017 Annual National May 1 Labor Certificate by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. This year, only 5 units of Jiangsu province won the award, and Yawei is the only one of Yangzhou.
National May 1 Labor Certificate is established by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions to award the honorary title for advanced collectives. The basic conditions for winning the May 1 Labor Certificate are: earnestly implement the party's line of principles and policies, strictly abide by national laws and regulations, fully implement the scientific development, sound organization, strong leadership team; energy conservation, focus on protecting the ecological environment; Scientific and technological progress, constantly improve the ability of independent innovation; Safety production, sound supervision and management mechanism; Respect for labor, protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers, harmony and stability of labor relations; Honest and trustworthy, consciously fulfill their social responsibility, economic and social benefits, occupying the leading level of local region or the industry.
In recent years, Yawei continue to promote the transformation and upgrading, fulfill the strategy of "Made in China 2025" . Yawei has a clear strategic positioning and aims at the direction of intelligent manufacturing, effectively use capital market platform and international cooperation, conducting the industrial structure adjustment and emerging industry layout in advance, and energetically expand the laser equipment, automated production lines, industrial robots which conform to national policy guidance and meet new demand of the market. Yawei has so many remarkable results that it gradually grow into a world-class metal sheet processing solutions provider. In 2016, various product sales income is 1169 billion yuan, total profit is 136 million yuan, all hit a record high. At the same time, Yawei continue to promote technological innovation and management innovation, and actively explore a new model for party construction of non-public enterprises. it also energetically promote the party construction, vocational congress construction and ideological and political construction; set up "benchmarking" column, widely spread positive energy and create a kind of cultural atmosphere with positivity and the pursuit of excellence; innovative cultural and sports activities to encourage employees to set up Amateurs Association More than 10, and carry out a variety of entertaining, colorful amateur activities, which achieve the harmonious development of enterprises and employees.
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