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Yawei-Reis Robot Manufacturing (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd., strives to develop linear robot, horizontal multi - joint robot, automation business of robot with the help of Yawei's advanced manufacturing and quality control system and the technical support in the robot from KUKA and REIS. Yawei-Reis does a whole work of manufacturing, research and development, assembly, sales of industrial robots and related auxiliary equipment and provides relevant after-sales service.

Industry application: automobile manufacturing industry, solar energy and new energy enterprise, welding, cutting, handling, stacking.

Quality control: Yawei-Reis and the parent company Yawei share advanced manufacturing and quality control system with high-end machining equipment and perfect testing instrument, which can ensure that the product quality and accuracy can be comparable with the international advanced counterparts.

Technical superiority: Yawei-Reis is a Sino-German joint venture, which strives to develop independent intellectual property rights of industrial robots and automation products and has completed a number of researches for utility model patent project with the technical support of Yawei and KUKA in the robot and automation business.

Customized service: Yawei-Reis can conduct specialized customization on equipment size, mechanical structure type, tooling design, software functions and other aspects according to the size, shape and materials of the workpiece and the needs of machining technology, conducting equipment manufacturing and technology service totally according to the needs of customer's workpiece machining.

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- Auxiliary equipment of robot
- Industrial integration application
- Non-standard robot
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