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And now owns advanced processing, testing and measuring equipment more than 300 sets, import the ground boring and milling machine, vertical machining center and CNC planer main CNC precision efficiency and more than 100 sets of large machining center three coordinate measuring instrument, precision testing instruments more than 10 sets of various types, such as laser interferometer. Advanced processing equipment and precision testing instrument for product quality improvement, improve production efficiency played a powerful role.
In addition to the investment of equipment, the wei pay attention to the popularization and application of information technology in the production process. Through the SAP system for product manufacturing process flow, data flow, information flow fully and effectively, the purchase, storage, production, sales, people, goods, content and so on various aspects of reasonable allocation and utilization, through the technical data and manufacturing effective whole stock transfer, asset inventory timely and dynamic monitoring, the entire production process produced the integrity of data collection, to make every parts cost, cost of each work center, the cost of each order be clear at a glance, the production and operation of an enterprise to effectively control the cost, greatly enhance the market strain capacity.

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